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Calumet Brass Foundry
4 Generations - 110 Years

Cathy Dolan
Cathy Dolan 1995-

Donald G. Dolan 1976-1995

William G. Dolan 1945-1976

George F. Dolan 1906- 1945


A Century Of Bearings, Gears, Casting – And Quality
In 1906, the Dolan family made a decision that would shape four generations of family, countless customers, and an entire industry: they purchased an existing foundry and renamed it Calumet (after the ceremonial Calumet peace pipe of Native American culture) Brass Foundry. Starting off as a two-man operation on Chicago’s south side, Calumet Brass Foundry has been passed from generation to generation in the Dolan family, increasing capabilities to support large capacity, centrifugal casting, precise bearings and gears, and much more. From the very beginning, nationwide Calumet clients received:
  • Large capacity: Calumet's sand and centrifugal casting services support up to 2,200 lbs. of most copper-based metals and up to 800 lb. of aluminum.

  • Standard-setting delivery times: Calumet specializes in making the impossible happen, from the smallest bearings and gears to 2,500 lb. castings shipped within 48 hours of ordering.

  • Total service capabilities: From sand casting and guide services to centrifugal casting and machining, Calumet offers flexible services and timely delivery.

  • A complete range of bar stock: Clients can select from a range of bronzes and brass to meet their guide, sand casting, and centrifugal casting needs.

  • A century of experience and trust: Calumet's consistent quality has earned a long list of repeat clients earning our customer's trust and respect for decades of service.

Currently owned and operated by Cathy Dolan in Dolton, Illinois, Calumet Brass Foundry received the prestigious Women's Business Enterprise certification from Chicago's Women's Business Development Center in 1999, ensuring a prominent role in today's diverse business world. Combining this progressive business vision with decades of experience, Calumet Brass Foundry’s legacy of quality is committed to every project from the finest gears/bearings to capacity castings.

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