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The Foundry Industry’s Leader In Delivery And Capacity
Since 1906, Calumet Brass Foundry has provided countless customers with bronze and brass alloy services, delivering whatever melting, molding, and casting is required to get the job done. Trusted by customers nationwide, Calumet Brass Foundry’s products have garnered a reputation of top-quality service, even casting brass and bronze at high volumes and short turnaround times. Calumet Brass Foundry is recognized across the industry for being a leader in both capacity and delivery time, producing jobs that very few foundries worldwide can handle – including casting 2,200 pounds of brass/bronze and 800 pounds of aluminum. Calumet Brass Foundry offers:

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Flexible and efficient, Calumet Brass Foundry tailors each project to exact customer needs. From alloy selection and analysis to casting and machining, every Calumet customer across the country is treated with respect. It’s the reason why many Calumet customers remain loyal for years of brass and bronze work – many averaging up to 30 years of business!

With an absolute commitment to casting craftsmanship and customer service, Calumet Brass Foundry lives up to the traits of its namesake, the ceremonial Calumet peace pipe. After all, the Calumet peace pipe signified trust and respect among two parties in a transaction; by delivering high-quality bronze and brass casting, Calumet Brass Foundry has earned the trust of countless long-time clients over the past century. Contact us today to see how your casting needs can be met or learn more about Calumet Brass Foundry.

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